The Comforter

Let me tell you about the comforter
That the bible says will lead you home
Jesus said you’ll have power when the spirit
comes down from the throne
Now I kneel to that promise that has brought new life to me
I once was lost, but now I’m found was blind but now I see

Let me tell you that you must have that fire and holy ghost
And that prayer wheel turning that keeps the fire burning
That holy ghost experience that you can feel
It makes you move, makes you shout, makes you cry because it’s real
I’ve got my hand, oh in the master’s hand
And my soul free from anger in Jesus’ name
I’m free from sin and I know that I’m born again

Through many trials and dangers he has brought me through
Well he made the lame to walk, he opened blinded eyes
There’s nothing too hard for god to do
Now’s the time for you to meet him and let him fill your soul within
He’ll make you whole as his prescence fills your soul
And you’ll be born again


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