My religion’s not old fashioned

There is one real religion that the bible does unfold
It’s as timeless as the ages, it never does grow old
My Lord is the way to heaven, he’s the way the truth the life
Won’t you come along and you can learn this truth tonight

My religion’s not old fashioned for it’s real geniune
Two and two make four today as it did in my Lord’s time
Modern days don’t make a difference you can alter truth nor time
My religion’s not old fashioned for it’s real geniune

Some folks come to teach the bible they dilute the word of christ
They admit he’d be here one time but he’d never be here twice
Be not tempted by these prophets he said such men would arise
There’s darkness in their teaching but there’s light in Jesus Christ


In this world of wild confusion, we are often led astray
When we hear the word old fashioned as men speak of god today
My Lord doesn’t deal in fashion, He’s more timeless than the seas
And his words still hold the power as they did in gallilee


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