He will deliver me

You’ve heard the story, of Paul and Silas
How they were bound, and thrown into jail
They didn’t worry, they kept on praying
they were serving the God that can never fail
Then after midnight there came an earthquake
And those foundations, they started to shakeā€¦
Those prison doors flew open wide
And Paul and Silas came outside

Yes he’ll deliver me in my time of need
Like those hebrew children from the fire he set free
Like He fed five thousand on the fishes and bread
Walked on the water, and He raised the dead
Well, He stood by Daniel in the lion’s den
And He saved old Moses from the Pharoah’s men
Open the eyes of the blind to see, I know that He’ll deliver me

(Verse 2)
Well, it was David my God delivered,
When before Goliath he did stand
He took no armour, he took no weapons
Just five stones and a sling in his hand
Then he went running, to meet that army
He met that Philistine man who stood so mighty and tall
He said “i come in the name of the Lord”
And you know that mighty man did fall

(Chorus x2)

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