Do you love Me?

I remember on that day when you called me, took me away

You made me different, you made me new, Lord Jesus, you know I love you


Do you love me? Yes I do

Do you love me? Lord I do!

Do you love me? Yes I do

Will you feed my sheep?

The times we’ve had Lord, just you and me

You changed my name, you’ve washed my feet

You walked on water, so did I

We’ve both been happy and we both have cried


It’s been so long now since that day

It’s been a cross and two men three days

But on the shore Lord you called a friend

Then you started my life over again


And now it’s different, now I’m changed

I’ve been renewed, you’ve broke all my chains

The Holy Spirit, you gave to me

Now your Gospel, forever I will preach


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