Bed of Roses

It hasn’t been a bed of roses, since I started on my way
Lord you know I’m not complaining, there’s just something I should say
Lord I’ve reached desperation, and I’ve stumbled since my start
Gone so weary through the years, now I’m crying bitter tears
From the depths of my heart

From the depths of my heart, I’m calling out to you
Lord I need you here to lead me, I’ve done all I can do
Lord I’m trying to do my part to see that others make it through
Even though I don’t deserve you, I’m trying hard to serve you
From the depths of my heart

It’s not a prayer just from my lips, so much deeper than the words
It’s not an earthly expression, Lord I just need to be heard
Lord I need to reach your throne, I know exactly what I’ll do
Fall down on my knees, I know you’ll hear my plea
From the depths of my heart

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