When the Darkness of this Present World

When the darkness of this present world Is closing in on me
And the enemy has blinded me, till sometimes I just can’t see
That’s when I fall down upon my knees and I cry out to you Lord
Just once more I’m asking you, to feel your power Lord

Because Lord I need to feel the power of your spirit,
That drives me to my knees
Lord it’s that gentle touch that always comes in spite of everything
No matter where I am or how I feel,
It’s your touch that strengthens me, So I’m asking father once again
Send your power down to me

When I’m tossed about to and fro, and the waves are drowning me
And there’s no – one else that understands,
Lord no-one else but thee; That’s when I need to feel your loving arms
Just to make me feel secure
Lord you touch my heart and you touch my soul
Like I’ve never felt before

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