Travelling Preacher Man

Go forth and preach the gospel, Jesus told me long ago
He said this world is waiting, For the truth to be told
So I drove across the nation obeying his command
Telling everyone of Jesus, just a travelling preacher man

So down the road I go, It’s the only life I know
Don’t stop to smell the flowers, there’s a fire burning in my soul
I guess I’ll never settle down, Don’t wanna think about that now
Till I reach the promised land, gonna be what I am
A travelling preacher man

(Verse 2)
And yes I’ve had my heartaches and I’ve had my share of pain
And yes I’ve tasted loneliness, but I’ve learned not to complain
There’s a cup and it’s so bitter, Jesus placed it in my hand
He said this world’s a stranger to the travelling preacher man


(Verse 3)
So I preach about Jesus till it’s time to move along
To an endless stream of motels and a suitcase I call my home
And you may think I’m crazy but you don’t understand
That fire that’s forever burning in the heart of a preacher man

(Chorus x2)

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